Classroom Valentine’s Day Cards by Minted

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Have you heard of Minted’s new Valentine’s Day classroom collection? You didn’t know Minted offered classroom cards? Neither did I! But boy, are they cute! They are all unique designs by independent artists that are reasonably priced to add something special to your child’s classroom Valentine’s Day exchange!

Here are a few of our favorites!

 I like the way you roll / scattered hearts

llama /color me in / eiffel tower / amazing card

 crossword / heart sunglassesyou fill my heart / donut

unicorn you’re magical

Aren’t they so cute!? I wish they had these when I used to teach. They even have some teacher ones for your students. You can personalize it with different colors or your own picture, change up the words, and even upgrade the shape on some designs. Some cards are interactive where the recipient can color the card or do a crossword puzzle. It’s such a great idea to add something special and different for Valentine’s Day!

Most cards are only $14 for 15. You can get 24 free matching stickers with code STICKERS17 until 1/31 for classroom Valentine’s orders of $20+. All Valentine Cards and gifts are 15% off with code BEMINE until 1/30!

Next week, I’ll reveal what A and I picked to pass out to her class!


9 thoughts on “Classroom Valentine’s Day Cards by Minted

  1. Danielle

    Oh my goodness! These are so great! I always hated buying Valentine’s Day cards as a teacher since they were all “I love you”, which I get is the point, but as a teacher I just wanted ones that said simply “Happy Valentines Day” or nothing to mushy.


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