Ju-Ju-Be Rosy Posy Collection & Comparison

If you’re a fan of Ju-Ju-Be bags like I am, then you know that Rosy Posy will be releasing on May 30th. It’s a collaboration between Ju-Ju-Be and Baby Tula and was announced back on April 22nd. On April 23rd, at Ju-Ju-Beach, guest were given a sneak peak of the Rosy Posy collection! Rosy Posy comes on an oatmeal background with beautiful pink, blue, and red flowers. The floral print is amazing! In my opinion, the background has a slight sage green tint to it. I like to call it a light creamy pistachio color! The collection consists of the following bag styles pictured below.

Jujube Rosy Posy All Prints

Be Quick, Be Set, Be Ready, Be Charged, Be Light, Super Be, BFF, Change Pad, Fuel Cell, Be Right Back, Itty Bitty Be, Mini Be, Messenger Strap, Be Neat, Be Spendy, Be Classy, Be Rich, Paci Pod (Source)

Rosy Posy Mini Be & BRB

One of my favorite styles of Ju-Ju-Be bags is the Mini Be and the Be Right Back (BRB). I love the Mini Be for quick trips. The BRB is my go-to bag for Disney trips and on weekends. I love being able to “twin” with A in the bags too. Here’s a closer look in the gorgeous Rosy Posy print!

Jujube Rosy Posy Minibe

Jujube Rosy Posy BRB Minibe

I love how the look of the bag changes with the color of the flowers. I can’t decide which print placement is my favorite!

Jujube Rosy Posy MinibeJujube Rosy Posy BRB

Rosy Posy With Other Jujube Prints

Now if you’ve already bought something from the various collections this year, do you really need to add Rosy Posy to your stash? Is it perma-stash status? I think the flowers in Rosy Posy compliment all of the bags in the Coastal Collection in different ways. Take a look at some comparison pictures of Rosy Posy with the Coastal Collection to help you decide.

Jujube Rosy Posy Itty Bitty Key West Be Charged

RP + Key West

Jujube East Hampton Hobobe Rosy posy Be Set Key West Be Charged

East Hampton + RP + Key West

Jujube Rosy Posy Dream World Hello Kitty

RP + Dream World

Jujube Rosy Posy Be Quick Palm Beach Mini Be

RP + Palm Beach

Jujube Rosy Posy Be Quick Key West Mini Be

RP + Key West

Jujube Rosy Posy Be Quick Nantucket Be Classy

RP + Nantucket

Jujube Rosy Posy Be Quick Newport Be Prepared

RP + Newport

Jujube Rosy Posy Be Quick Annapolis Be Set

RP + Annapolis

Jujube Rosy Posy Be Quick Providence BRB

RP  + Providence

Jujube Rosy Posy Be Quick Dontuella Sweet Shop Be Spendy

RP  + Donutella Sweet Shop (DSS)

Jujube Rosy Posy Be Quick Annapolis Be Set Key West Be Charged

RP + Annapolis + Key West

Do you have a favorite combination? Will you be getting anything from Rosy Posy?

Make sure to set your alarms on May 30th at 12PM PST (Time change confirmed by JJB!)! You don’t want to miss out!

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  1. Kimberly
    May 30, 2017 / 9:36 am

    I love this release! My mother in law was able to get me a quick and set at a trunk show this morning, but I am trying my luck online with a couple of big bags! I made a video about Rosy Posy, that I would love for you to check out! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MpGvIJivy4w

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