Ju-Ju-Be Electric Black Collection Print Comparisons

On November 7th, Ju-Ju-Be Intl will be releasing a new print called Electric Black to join the Onxy Collection! Here are a few pictures comparing Electric Black with some other prints in my collection. It’s such a vibrant blue that’s bold and bright. Some people might not like the zig-zag print but I love it. It makes it look more edgy!

Ju-Ju-Be Electric Black

Bag Styles

It will be available in the following bag styles:

  • B.F.F.
  • Be Right Back (BRB)
  • MiniBe
  • Super Be
  • Be Light
  • Be Set
  • Be Quick
  • Fuel Cell
  • Be Neat
  • Paci Pod
  • Messenger Strap

Electric Black will be available at specialty stores for purchase on November 7th so make your list! Now onto the comparison pictures!

Electric Black Print Comparisons

Here it is with Tokidoki Sweet Victory and Rad Hearts. I love how the blue brings out all the other blues in the two prints! I think it also looks good with Super Toki.

Ju-Ju-Be Electric Black Tokidoki Sweet Victory Rad Hearts

Ju-Ju-Be Electric Black Rad Hearts Tokidoki Super Toki

Here is Electric Black with Hello Friends and Super Toki. That blue just makes everything more vibrant!Ju-Ju-Be Hello Friends Sanrio Hello Kitty Electric Black Tokidoki Super TokiSea Punk looks good with Electric Black too! I love to add Rosy Posy with prints whenever I get the chance. I think the blues compliment each other.

Ju-Ju-Be Tokidoki Sea Punk Electric Black Rosy Posy

My favorite print with it is Black Petals. How gorgeous is that combination?! It looks good with Black Magic too!
Ju-Ju-Be Electric Black Black Petals Tokidoki Super Toki
Ju-Ju-Be Black Petals Electric Black Tokidoki Tokipops

Ju-Ju-Be Black Magic Electric Black Black Petals Onxy Collection

What do you think of Electric Black with some of the Legacy Prints? Here it is with The Queen of the Nile (QOTN) and Duchess. I can’t decide!

Ju-Ju-Be Electric Black Queen of the Nile QOTN Legacy Print

Ju-Ju-Be Electric Black Duchess Legacy Print

Electric Black is sure to bring a bolt of color into your Ju-Ju-Be collection so don’t miss out on November 7th! What’s your favorite combination?

Ju-Ju-Be Electric Black Print ComparisonCheck out my other Ju-Ju-Be posts on Sea Punk or Rosy Posy.


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