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Hi! My name is Sally and I’m a stay at home mom turned mom blogger in Orange County. I became a mom later in life (at 38 years old) and it’s been a great adventure ever since!

Before I became a mom, I taught elementary school for over 14 years! You would think with a teaching background, being a mom would come easy and I would have so much patience. Not true. Being a mom is more difficult and more rewarding than anything I’ve ever done in my life.

I live in Orange County with my preschool daughter and amazing husband. We love living in Orange County and discovering new places. I love makeup, skincare, and shopping! Finding the latest and cutest things has always been my jam but after becoming a mom, it’s been even more enjoyable!

Thank you for joining me as I reflect on motherhood, family, things to do in Orange County, and our favorite products.

PS: ┬áLovestalgia comes from combining love and nostalgia– I’m very sentimental and nostalgic!


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