The Hardest Thing About Having An Only Child

When I was younger, I didn’t set out to have only one child. In my mind, I was going to have two because it seemed like the perfect number. Not too many and not just one. But life doesn’t always happen the way you want. Timelines are not always something you can control. Unforeseeable and unfortunate life events can’t be stopped.

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I shared about how we had two miscarriages before having A. That really sucked and was gut wrenching. Whenever I hear stories of miscarriages or child loss, it sometimes triggers the feelings from many years ago. View Post


Add Some Sparkle to Your New Year

2018 is about to end and the New Year is coming. There’s so much hope and anticipation that a new year brings. There’s something about starting out with a clean slate that’s so refreshing and exciting. Have you set any goals or intentions for 2019?

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Sacrifices of Love: A Mother’s Love

Perhaps one day, they’ll understand all the sacrifices she gladly made out of love for them. -John Mark Green

I read this quote while searching online about “inspirational mom quotes” and it hit me like a ton of bricks. When I was little, I always wished my mom and I would do “girlie” things like have tea parties, go shopping, get manicures and pedicures. Those things never happened. It wasn’t because I didn’t have a mom. I did! And she was such a hard working woman but she wasn’t always there. She was always working. Everything she did she did for us. But she wasn’t “there.” I didn’t understand the depth of a mother’s love.

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Back-to-School With The Millennial Mamas

Last week A and I had the honor of attending an amazing back-to-school event with our friends The Millennial Mamas at the beautiful Westlake Village Inn. We were treated to an afternoon of pampering and gifting to get us ready for the new school year with so many amazing brands and products!

the millennial mamas, back to school, jet.comI had no idea that some of these products existed so I wanted to share them with you guys so that it’ll make shopping and getting ready for back-to-school easier! View Post


We Have More Than 18 Summers

I’m not sure who started “you only get 18 summers with your kids.” It seems like every summer, those sentiments go around the Internet causing moms to get emotional and write out their summer bucket lists to prevent a wasted summer. It’s another reminder that time goes by quickly and to enjoy every moment. (This was my reaction the first time I read it.) Trust me, I lost it and just wanted to cry into my pillow especially because I have an only child so our “18 summers” are not extended with a second child.

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