Homeschool Organization: Marie KonDo or KonDon’t?

It’s been a few months since I wrote up a post about our homeschool journey. The holidays were hectic, we had family stay with us, we got sick and you know– LIFE.  I did a poll on Instagram Stories and many of you wanted to know about the curriculum we are using. I also wanted to share with you guys how we FINALLY organized our little homeschool space.

To be completely honest, our homeschool space slowly became like the chair where your “not really dirty clothes” go. You know– we all have THAT CHAIR. Papers and books would get stacked up on top of each other and it was driving me crazy. But I had no one to blame but myself because I didn’t make the time to clean it.

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I have a lot of books and curriculum from when I used to teach first grade that I kept. I also would print out stuff but leave it in a pile so things would be on her table, our kitchen table and literally all over the place. There would be days when I just couldn’t find things easily and it would make me frustrated.  View Post


Homeschooling My Kindergartner

I can’t believe it’s already been two months since we started homeschooling! Time is going by so fast! I’ll probably say this again and again all year! Anyway, I wanted to update you guys on how homeschooling has been.

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As you know, I used to teach first grade for 14 years but that doesn’t mean homeschooling my own child is easy. It’s actually a little difficult because I had to “unlearn” the traditional views of school and figure out what works for my child and family. This is something I’ll continue to learn as we go along. We are still trying to get in a “groove.” View Post


Unlimited Squirrels: I Lost My Tooth! Review & Lessons

This post is sponsored by Disney Book Group. All thoughts and opinions are my own.

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Ever since we went to the dentist a few months ago, A has been so excited and eager for her first loose tooth! She got her first set of x-rays and you could see her permanent teeth growing in under her gum line. When she saw that picture, it made her even more excited and she has been asking every week when her teeth will start to wiggle. View Post


Back-to-School With The Millennial Mamas

Last week A and I had the honor of attending an amazing back-to-school event with our friends The Millennial Mamas at the beautiful Westlake Village Inn. We were treated to an afternoon of pampering and gifting to get us ready for the new school year with so many amazing brands and products!

the millennial mamas, back to school, jet.comI had no idea that some of these products existed so I wanted to share them with you guys so that it’ll make shopping and getting ready for back-to-school easier! View Post


Why I Became a PTA Dropout: My Decision to Homeschool

When I used teach first grade, I remember how our school had an amazing PTA! They supported the teachers and their classrooms by volunteering, planning parties and fundraisers for the school and were so involved. I dreamed of doing the same for my own child’s class when he or she would be school aged. BUT that was before I actually had kids.

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I’m not knocking public education or PTAs at all! I know some amazing teachers and schools who go above and beyond for their students. I know teachers who are so passionate and have made a huge difference in the lives of their students. BUT I decided to become a PTA dropout! View Post

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