What’s in My Diaper Bag?

Now that Little A is a full on toddler, the things I carry in my diaper bag are different than when she was younger. You would think that it would be less but I feel like I have to carry more things around!


Fawn Design Bag– I recently got this bag when they restocked and I am in love! I love how it’s functional yet stylish. It’s also quite roomy. I’ll have to do a review of it at another time. Every since Little A started walking, I have been carrying a backpack as a diaper bag. It keeps my hands free so that if I need to chase after her or carry her, it’s easy to do so..

Snacks– I carry tons of snacks. I know everyone has their opinions about snacking and kids but when your toddler is hungry, you need to give them something. I carry anything from crackers, pretzels, cheese, fruit, and juice. I never know when I’ll need to have something on hand to feed her so I make sure my bag is fully stocked.

Diapers & Wipes–  haven’t potty trained Little A yet so I still carry diapers and wipes. I love the diapers from Target’s Up&Up brand. We’ve never had any issues or leakage with them. The wipes of choice are Honest Company’s wipes. I love how they are fragrance free, strong, and not too wet.

Crayons, Paper, Stickers, Trains, Puzzles– I make sure I have some crayons, paper and stickers for Little A to draw, color or use so that when we are at a restaurant or have to wait somewhere, she has something to do. There’s nothing worse than a toddler with nothing to do- they will find something to do and it’s usually trouble so I make sure I have something on hand to keep her engaged. She usually carries some of her Thomas the Train trains with her into the car so she always has those in hand. I also keep a simple puzzle or matching game from the Target Dollar Spot with me. You can never have too much to keep your toddler occupied!

Change of Clothes– I still pack a change of clothes because I just don’t know if she will get whatever outfit she is wearing dirty or ripped from running around or falling on the ground.

Miscellaneous– I make sure I carry sunscreen, hat, and a little first aid kit which consists of an assortment of bandaids, hand sanitizer and neosporin to go. Since Little A loves to run around, I never know when I might need to patch up a little boo-boo.

What are some things that you carry in your diaper bag?


No Party This Year!

A few months ago, there was a thread started by one of the members of my mommy group about when we were going to throw our kids a birthday party. (All of our kids’ are born either in April, May or June- every other weekend is party time for our group!) I responded that I wasn’t planning on throwing her a party while everyone else listed the date their child’s party was going to be. I know.. I know.. I sound like such a mean parent that I wasn’t planning on throwing a party for her. I felt a little bit bad about it but I hadn’t even thought about throwing her a party. It’s not because I don’t love her or don’t want to celebrate. We love to celebrate and party.


For her first birthday, we threw her a huge and elaborate party where we rented out Pretend City Children’s Museum and invited about 140 people. Our guests had a great time. Our one year old– not so much. She didn’t nap that day and was overwhelmed with the amount of people and attention so it was actually a really horrible day for her. Even if my friend was telling me about CFW and their fantastic catering services for parties. I wish she could have enjoyed playing there because she normally loves playing at Pretend City. And since we rented out the whole place, it was not crawling with hundreds of kids. She was miserable and cried for most of the time… at least our photographer was able to get some decent pictures but if you look closely, I look stressed (because Little A was pretty miserable the whole time) and Little A’s face is red and tear-stained. View Post

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