OC Mommy & Me

About a month after Little A was born, I began researching mommy and me programs or activities I could do with her. There was really nothing that was close to my house but I did come across a program called OC Mommy and Me.  I was intrigued because it sounded exactly like what I was looking for- a support group for new moms with children that were around the same age.  As an older mom, most of my friends have kids who are already in grade school or middle school so I really wanted to be a part of a mommy group with kids that are the same age as mine. I hoped that this would be what I was looking for.  I quickly signed up and waited for the first class to begin.  My daughter was going to be about 8 weeks old by the time the first class started and I was able to get another mommy friend (who I didn’t know that well) to sign up with me.


Little A & friend at their first class.

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